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Model United Nations (MUN), is a simulation of the United Nations in which students, representing diplomats from nations, assemble committees to discuss and draft resolutions addressing global issues. With a wide range of conferences, committees, and topics to attend, delegates are given the opportunity to participate in world affairs in a formal, yet fun, environment. Although a substantial part of Model UN involves international relations, Model UN also helps students learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate, and enhances soft skills for writing, research, reading comprehension, and leadership skills, assisting students to develop a skill set required for any occupation. Above all however, Model UN truly reflects is popular motto: ‘MUN is fun’ and provides an opportunity to meet new people from your school and from others around the circuit.


The Chantilly MUN organization is among the most competitive MUN teams in the NOVA circuit attending a wide variety of both local and collegiate level conferences within each season. As one of the largest clubs offered at Chantilly High School, the organization meets on a consistent basis to develop and enhance the skill set of its members through the environment that Model UN celebrates. In the pursuit of this goal, the Chantilly MUN Secretariat holds Weekly Workshops and Monthly Mocks to prepare its members for future conferences. In addition to this, Chantilly MUN additionally offers a wide opportunity for leadership experiences for its members through the hosting of its annual Model UN conference, CHMUN. Here, members of the organization work to assemble one of the largest Model UN conferences on the East Coast with attendance exceeding 1200 delegates at some iterations. 


For the 2023-2024 MUN Season, the Chantilly MUN organization is led by its Upper Secretariat:

Secretary-General: Jayanth Viswanathan

Secretary-General: Alexander Dorsey

Director-General: Sahi Balguri

Director-General: Rashi Adhikari


Chantilly MUN continues to operate due to the involvement and dedication of its club sponsors:


Peter Bouwma - Sponsor

Tim Hoffman - Sponsor

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