2019 - 2020 Awards



Outstanding Large Delegation

Outstanding Delegation

Origins of Australia: A Penal Colony | Sara Awad  (Elliot Morrison) 

United Nations Security Council | Vihar Shah (Germany)

Mafia Raj: Chennai | Yukta Ramanan (Nayeem Shakil)

JCC Avatar - The Last Frontier: Na'vi | Akhil Maheepathi(Sylwanin)

Economic and Financial Affairs Council | Vijay Rudraraju & Haerin So (Russia)

Honorable Delegation

Origins of Australia: A Penal Colony | Nayana Celine Xavier (Mart Janssens)

Verbal Commendation

Duterte's Cabinet 2017 | Krishna Mohan Bhamidipati (Secretary of Environment)

Apple Board of Directors, 1990-2000 | Snehal Oberai (Mark Johnson)

Special Political and Decolonization Committee | Rishi Saraff and Imran Rahimzai (Russia)


Best Delegation

Egyptian Cabinet of 2011 | Adnan Rahimzai (Sayeed Meshaal)


Outstanding Delegation

Chernobyl 1986 | Krishna Mohan Bhamidipati  (Deputy Director Kurchatov) 

United Nations Security Council | Varun Yadav (Russian Federation)

Constitutional Convention of 1787 | Snehal Oberai (Luther Martin)

25th United Nations Climate Change Conference | Yukta Ramanan & Nayana Celine Xavier(United States of America)

League of Arab States | Vihar Shah & Vijay Rudraraju (Syrian National Council)

Honorable Delegation

LVMH Board of Directors | Akhil Maheepathi (Nicolas Bazire)

Egyptian Cabinet of 2011 | Mehul Pol (Mansour El-Essawy)

British House of Commons | Sharon Santos (Dennis Skinner)

International Organization for Migration | Imran Rahimzai and Arun Sheanh (United Kingdom)

Verbal Commendation

National Collegiate Athletic Association Board of Governors | Mahat Palle (Rena Khator)



Best Delegation

Committee to Re-Elect the President | Vihar Shah (Devan L. Shumway)


Outstanding Delegation

Alliance of Small Island States | Adam El-Zoobi & Haerin So  (Cabo Verde) 

Gilets Jaunes | Krishna Mohan Bhamidipati (David Freud)

Verbal Commendation

Irish War of Independence | Akhil Maheepathi (Thomas Gay)

UN Women | Yukta Ramanan & Nayana Celine Xavier (Iran)